We brought fun to user experience!





Yandex.Turkey had been steadily going on with their communications both traditionally and digitally; but they were looking for ways to get KPI oriented results and increase their market share. They asked us for a digital campaign to help the Yandex Search users to experience the product and increase the search count. The summer season was ahead of us, and Yandex had concert tickets to give out to the users, as well as backstage privileges at PR events throughout the year. So, we have created Yandex Sahne (Yandex Stage).

Yandex Turkey Digital Outdoor  Kpi Campaign Stage

Events and Special Tickets!

Yandex Sahne was developed with a setup that presented a specially prepared micro site experience with the customizable interface that could be changed according to the anticipated concerts of the summer season. The users came to Yandex Sahne in order to win event tickets after we announced it on social media. After using their social media account information to log in, they could find any information on the event on Yandex Sahne and they got a chance to join a contest to win free tickets.

Yandex Turkey Digital Outdoor  Kpi Campaign Stage

The questions lead to the event!

The users were asked to respond to the questions that were specifically prepared for the event. The responding experience was a little different than usual. The users tried to find the correct answer by searching it on Yandex. The users who have found the correct answer clicked on the banner to come back to the site and went on to the next question. The users who have answered all questions correctly won a ticket from Yandex.

Yandex Turkey Digital Outdoor  Kpi Campaign Stage

Events are a lot different with Yandex!

The users arrived at the area on the day of the event to see a Yandex Sahne counter and a real stage. We gave them directions on the counter; we told them to get on the stage wearing the clothes exclusive to the concert to take photos and share them on Instagram with #yandexsahne hashtag. The photos were shared before the event, and the owner of the first three posts with most likes had the opportunity to go backstage.

Yandex Sahne was not only on the digital platform; it also reached and won the hearts of the young users who attended the event by taking the experience to the event area. KPIs got satisfying results and there was a noticeable increase on the graphics during the time Yandex Sahne was active.