All the wishes for the New Year’s are inside this globe!





Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles wanted to create an organically spreading application for the New Year with high interaction that the Facebook users would enjoy. So, we suggested to make the New Year globe interactive, which is an essential gift for the season. We published a Facebook application that would touch the dreams and memories of the users in a fun way.

Volkswagen Commercial Facebook New Year Campaign

Globes getting jolly with music!

The Facebook users had the opportunity to log in to the application and create their own globe. They shared their wishes on the New Year’s in a different way with their friends, by using a customized globe with different floor, model, ornament and music options. The users who got the notification ‘‘My New Year Globe’’ were able to view their friends’ cards interactively by clicking on the customized link.

Volkswagen Commercial Facebook New Year Campaign

All past and present models!

As well as being able to create a nostalgic globe with T1, the timeless vehicle of Volkswagen, the users also could create their own styles and live their dreams by creating a globe from the newest models.

Volkswagen Commercial Facebook New Year Campaign

A prosperous celebration experience!

Thanks to the snow, music, Volkswagen, and the wishes, the followers of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and their friends had an opportunity to experience a different way to celebrate New Year’s. Also, the company had a chance to create yet another way to communicate with their customers sincerely.

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