Raising awareness about violence against women!




Awareness CAMPAIGN


MIXX Awards/Bronz Mixx

Since no other company launched a communication on November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we decided that as Yandex Turkey, we needed to raise awareness on this day without highlighting the name of the company. After double-checking the information that could be found by searching on Yandex with associations for the protection of women, we set off to introduce this information to online users.

Our message is clear!

Every day, thousands of searches were being made including words of violence and words that could be associated with violence. Therefore, we created a campaign with the hashtag #ŞiddetiArama (#Don’tSearchforViolence) by informing users who were sensitive about those words. On the micro site which was prepared for the campaign, the statistics regarding violence against women have made people aware of the painful and sad truth

Yandex Turkey Awareness Campaign

Aradığında çıkan mesajlar!

We wanted that people who were concerned should read this information and we wanted to reach more people to raise awareness. We made a list of 200 words that could be associated with women and violence, created banners with statistics about violence in Turkey regarding these words, and published the banners for a day. When users made a search using one of those 200 words, the banner we prepared appeared on their screen and they came to the micro site by clicking on the banner.

Yandex Turkey Awareness Campaign

Hundreds of real statistics!

We managed to raise awareness by using real data from Turkey and the rest of the world on our banners. This data had been published for a day online and then had got lost in the depths of the internet. It was important for us that the data was accurate; therefore, we double-checked them with women’s associations and collected them at our micro site to create a hub. Now, the truth was clear.

Yandex Turkey Awareness Campaign Yandex Turkey Awareness Campaign

Growing support by sharing

The users who came to our micro site by clicking on the banners have supported our campaign by viewing these statistics and sharing them online on their own social media accounts. In order to avoid highlighting the company, we did not have any PR or advertising support and we did not share this on our social media channels. However, the message of the campaign was so strong that after a while celebrities began to recognize the site and they helped us to reach the target audience by supporting the campaign via #ŞiddetiArama (#Don’tSearchforViolence) hashtags. The website was only online for one day, but it got the support of a lot of people with the viral effect.

This success was awarded with the Bronze Mixx at Mixx Awards Non-Profit / Public Services category.

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