Centered around Samsung users!





Samsung had a great interest in a new field, into which none of its competitors, even other technology brands have dared to enter before: Loyalty program! We met this need of Samsung with the S-World application. In other words, we created an exclusive world that would center around the Samsung users.

A Brand-New Trademark

More specifically, one of Samsung’s needs was to create a brand-new trademark independently from Samsung’s own identity. We undertook to carry out this process right from beginning to end, and we provided support in all phases from creating its logo and motto to its application designs and all branding processes.

The Door to a Privileged World:


What users need to do to start benefiting from exclusive advantages is to download the S-World application on their Android or iOS smartphones and add the compatible Samsung products. A great variety of exclusive privileges from sports to fashion, technology to restaurants, and travel to recreation awaits the Samsung users in the S-World.

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