Nescafé Xpress

If you have an Xpress, Nothing can stop you!





Nescafé Xpress


At a time when we needed motivation more than usual ever because of Covid-19, we wanted to reach out to our young target audience and uplift them with a campaign that reflected the spirit of NESCAFÉ Xpress.

During the time we were at home, our opportunities were limited. But we said “Nothing can stop the youth energy” and we launched a campaign that we can reproduce in accordance with the changing dynamics of the pandemic period.

We carried the uplifting spirit of NESCAFÉ Xpress into the house during the time of lockdown. Then we returned to the outside again with the easing of the restrictions.

Thus, we’ve produced a total of eight contents for #StayAtHome and the post-restriction periods.



Youth knows how to have fun

The wind is on your side

Wherever the route goes, go there with an Xpress

Get ready to light the campfire

Do all projects with an Xpress

Study hard for final exams with an Xpress

You need some rock’n roll with an Xpress

Time for some action with an Xpress