Traffic Is Life

We have updated Traffic Is Life’s website!


Traffic Is Life



We have renewed the website of Traffic Is Life, a corporate social responsibility project Doğuş Otomotiv has launched in order to increase traffic safety awareness.

Traffic Is Life

Traffic safety!

In order to draw attention to the four main themes of the project (child safety seats, overspeed, talking on the phone when driving, using seatbelts), we have provided certain statistics.

Traffic for all!

For visitors of the website, we have made available all of the details of the projects Traffic Is Life has carried out for children, bikers, youth, i.e. for all segments of society.

Traffic Is Life

Easily accessible!

Everything that visitors of Traffic Is Life’s website would like to learn about traffic safety has been made more easily accessible thanks to its simple design and menu layout.

Traffic Is Life

Now on mobile!

Considering the significant amount of time that we spend in traffic, it is important that we carry a trustworthy guide with us. That is why we have made Traffic Is Life’s new website easily accessible for mobile visitors as well through the use of responsive web design.