Note8 Star Wars Special Edition Pack





Samsung needed new ideas on the concept and communication processes of the special bundle, including Galaxy Note8, Gear S3, exclusive figures and all other products, which was tailor-made for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” movie. We chose the story of a father and daughter, both Star Wars fans, to meet this need of Samsung. We undertook all launching procedures from the package design and TVC to digital media trailers. In our trailer, we see the story of a girl, who starts to hear sounds from the Star Wars world and go beyond the limits of her imagination, and discovers the real force while trying to figure out where the sound really comes from.

Brand: Samsung Türkiye
Production: Hacıyatmaz Film / Director: Tunay Sevinç
Post-Production: İmaj Post Prodüksiyon

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Star Wars Bumper

Star Wars Pre-roll

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