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MediaCat Felis Award / Craft / UX-UI

Instead of ING Bank’s old mobile application which couldn’t respond to the needs of the customers and seemed complicated, we designed a whole new mobile application with a simple design where the financial transactions can be handled easily.

ING Bank Mobile Application ING Bank Mobile Application

Transactions with a single password!

With the new ING mobile app, the users were able to create a favorite transactions list, and see through these transactions, such as paying the bills or money transfer, on the main screen with a single password. Therefore, they had the opportunity to complete their financial transactions with minimum steps in the shortest period of time possible.

ING Bank Mobile Application

And many more!

The users can now customize the main screen with the smart dashboard structure and easily navigate through different banking transactions according to their needs. Moreover, ING mobile users are able to get responses to their questions with the live support line, create an agenda, and log in to the internet branch in a single step by QR, which was a first for banking applications.

ING Bank Mobile Application
ING Bank Mobile Application

Result: Increase!

After ING Bank mobile application went live, there has been a 30% increase in daily average downloads, 20% increase in active users, and 44% increase in daily logins. Also, 50 customers of the bank have been contacted and %100 of them were satisfied with the application.

ING Bank Mobile Application