We said ‘‘the shop is yours!’’ with Garanti!





We created a new Facebook Page Tab, inspired by the idea of ‘‘shopkeeper neighbor’’, so that Garanti Bank could present opportunities to shopkeepers and small and medium sized business owners, and reach their target audience.

All the memories of the shopkeepers gathered in one location!

We told our visitors to share a beautiful memory about a shopkeeper neighbor with us.

Garanti Digital Campaign Shopkeeper

Where is the shop?

We helped the users share information and memories about their shopkeepers on the shopkeeper neighbor map where the shops were pinned.

Garanti Digital Campaign Shopkeeper

We made the shopkeepers smile!

The people who shared memories helped advertise the shops on the ‘‘shopkeeper neighbor’’ map. Also, 2 people have got the opportunity to voice radio commercials for Garanti.

Brothers & Rolls-Royce

Yandex Football