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We found solutions for people who had car problems with ‘Diyalog’.


Doğuş İlgi ve Değer Merkezi



We launched the Diyalog app in order to help the Doğuş Otomotiv customers solve their problems easily when they have car problems!

Diyalog Mobile App

Help arrives at the shortest time!

The users who were stranded on the road were able to reach the customer services in only 2 minutes by identifying their car on the mobile application. We mobilized the customer service which helps the customers of Doğuş Otomotiv who get stranded on the road with the help of our application. Therefore, the drivers had the opportunity to contact the center of customer services directly when they had car problems.

Diyalog Mobile App Diyalog Mobile App

You’re not hopeless if you get stranded!

The customer services help the customers on the phone if they can solve the problem in that way. If the problem can’t be solved on the phone, the customer services send a tow truck. In short, the users of Diyalog never get hopeless if they get stranded.

Diyalog Mobile App Diyalog Mobile App

Where is my car?

Stranded drivers who used our application were able to see where the tow truck took their car, and if the car needed repairing, they could see at which auto shop the car was being repaired and what kind of repairing their car was going through.

DOD Mobile App

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